Our genes determine our skin color, hair color, and eye color.  In turn, our skin, our hair, and our eye coloring determine what colors we should stay away from, and which colors we look best in and flatter us the most. 

Never underestimate the power of color! Colors either harmonize with our coloring and make us look younger, more attractive and vibrant, or they clash with our coloring and add years to our appearance. Wearing colors that best suit our particular skin tone, highlight our hair, lips, and "pop" our eyes, brings out the best of our natural coloring. By wearing the right colors, we feel attractive and gain a new self-confidence and a proud self image.

Fashion designers dictate to us what to wear based on what’s popular that particular season, regardless of how badly the colors or styles appear on us. Don't be a fad follower!  Some of us know which colors we look best in, while some of us haven't a clue. We rely on what the fashion industry tells us to wear. One season will dictate black, white and red, another season orange, brown, and turquoise, then another season blues, greens, pinks, and mauves.  None of us can wear all those medley of colors and look good!  

I have designed this unique collection of scarves exclusively with YOU in mind.  Your “Signature Colors” are a “Symphony of Colors”. In other words, If you have pure black hair, you will be drawn to the scarves that have black in them. The scarves will not only compliment and accentuate your hair, but will also harmonize with your skin and your eyes. You just need to know one of your facial feature’s true colors.  Another example: if you have true amber hair, select the scarf with amber, and the other colors in the scarf will harmonize with your coloring; or if you have blue eyes, select  a scarf with blue and the other colors will harmonize with your coloring.  SIMPLE!

HAIR: The scarves are designed with the colors of your hair: blonde, white, gray, black, brown brunette, and red (copper or amber, but CERTAINLY not RED! Heaven only knows where that term stems from!) , bringing out your highlights. You will also find scarves with colors that contrast with your hair: dark colors in scarves highlight light colored hair, and light colors in scarves highlight dark colored hair. Blondes look great in dark brown or dark olive, dark blue, and navy, while brunettes look great in white, bright jewel tones, ruby red and radiant orchid as contrast colors. Red heads are not really “red” heads, but “amber” heads, and therefore shine in amber and copper and sparkle in contrast greens, whether it be moss, lime, teal or turquoise! 

Let me add that if your hair has changed since you were 40, whether dyed or natural, try to remember back to  the color of your hair when you were younger. If your hair was blonde, select clothes and scarves that have gold in them.  If your hair was chocolate brown, select clothes and scarves  that have chocolate brown in them. 

 EYES: Some of the scarves are designed with  the colors of your eyes, making your eyes sparkle and pop;   Whether you have black brown, brown, rose brown, hazel, blue, turquoise, teal or hazel eyes, you will  find your particular eye color in one or more scarves, making your eyes “pop.”  Remember, your eyes are the mirror to your soul.

LIPS: Some of the scarves are designed with the color of your lips. Depending on the color of your hair and your eyes, your lips will either look best in true red or dark pink; medium pink; peach or coral; orange or mocha. You will find those colors incorporated in the scarves with your hair coloring and your eye coloring.

SKIN TONES: The scarves are designed with the colors that compliment your skin tones using the colors that best go with the colors of your hair, eyes and lips. Skin tones are the hardest yet most important colors to achieve and wear near your face, yet the easiest to achieve if your other three signature colors in the  scarves correlate with your coloring. For more information on skin tones, visit my blog "Skin Tones".

As you journey through this collection, I suggest wearing a white or cream colored top and place a mirror by your monitor. As you look at each scarf, see if your hair either matches a color in the scarf or contrasts with a color. Does a color of the scarf match your eyes? Does a color of the scarf match your lips? The results will tell you which colors you look best in, and which scarves will enhance, highlight, and flatter you the most.

Enjoy your journey in discovering your "Signature Colors" through ”Suz Signature Scarves".