I am lucky enough to own two of Suz's lovely scarves. I love how they bring out the green in my hazel eyes and compliment my skin tone. I have dark hair and I just recently got the emerald green in the new Peacock collection. So beautiful! I love to wear it when I am dressing up and for going out on the town or just to snazz up a more casual outfit when I am out running errands. :)      Jennifer Trudlong

Love your scarves!
I bought a beautiful Suz scarf last summer and every time I wear it I feel so much better about how I look. And the compliments! I've learned that a beautiful scarf is one of my better wardrobe choices.
Now that it is Christmas, I have the perfect gift for my daughter in laws. I can't wait to give them their scarves! Thanks Suzan, your artistry is a joy to wear and to give.         Karen Brostowicz