Lapis/Peach Print & White & Rhodium Pin


Lapis/Peach Print & White & Rhodium Pin


“THE NE PLUS ULTRA GIFT PACKAGE”: Save $60.00. The  White Solid highlights the White in the print. Worn together, they are ultra chic! The chiffon is the softest of silk, exuding grace and femininity. Signature Scarves adds panache, pizzazz, and a touch of class to her personal and professional image.

The scarves are 11”x56"

100% Pure Silk Chiffon

Feather Weight

Hand Washable

Original Hand Marbled Design

Digital Printed

Included in the package with the two scarves is the Magnificent and Chic Sterling Silver, Gold & Rhodium Plate Pin whose luster adds sparkle, and holds her scarves neatly and chicly in place (can be used to hold her hair in place, as well).

It resides in its own Black & Gold Logo velvet jewel box.


Also included in the package with the scarves and the Rhodium Pin is an instructional DVD of 20 ways to tie her beautiful Signature Scarves and a chic Black and Gold Logo Magnetic Pin to hold your scarves in place, plus washing instructions, and the history of marbling and SSS, all packaged in an attractive Black Glossy Logo Gift Envelope.

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