Marielle Light Aqua

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Marielle Aqua.jpg

Marielle Light Aqua


Marielle Light Aqua Oblong Solid

Dark Aqua & Light Aqua border and Gold Logo

11" x 56"

100% Pure Silk Chiffon

Marielle’s delicate quality of colors looks superb with women who have ivory or peach skin; golden or strawberry blond, auburn or golden gray hair; blue, green,  aqua, turquoise, or topaz eyes.

Marielle Light Aqua can be worn alone, with Marielle Oblong Print, or with her coordinating Dark Aqua Oblong Solid and reverse border. Twirl two scarves together for a GREAT affect!

Wear in the many ways shown on the video, or keep the scarves in place with the magnetic Black and Gold logo pin.


Hand Washable

Original Hand Marbled Design

Digital Printed

The Perfect Gift - Included with the scarf/scarves is a DVD with instructions of how to tie your beautiful Signature Scarves and a chic Black and Gold Logo Magnetic Pin that holds your scarves in place, plus care instructions, all packaged in an attractive Black Glossy Logo Gift Envelope.



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