Jacqueline Square

Jacqueline Square.jpg
Jacqueline Square.jpg

Jacqueline Square


Dark Plum and Lavender Border with Gold Logo

Turquoise, Aqua, Teal, light Blue-Gray, Plum, Periwinkle

Lighter Side: Same colors but paler

20" x 20”

100% Pure Silk Chiffon

Jacqueline’s soft clear colors of tones of gray-blues, blue-greens and soft plum compliment all women, and accentuate her eyes if they are  turquoise, green or teal.

Wear in the many ways shown on the video. The size and weight make for a wonderful summer scarf.


Hand Washable

Original Hand Marbled Design

Digital Printed

The Perfect Gift

 Included with the scarf is a DVD with instructions of how to tie your beautiful Signature Scarf and a chic Black and Gold Logo Magnetic Pin that holds your scarf in place, plus care instructions, all packaged in an attractive Black Glossy Logo Gift Envelope.




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