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I  spent most of my life in the fashion industry.  I began my career in 1959 as a model for the haute couture firm "Chez Ninon" in NYC, modeling the most beautiful and glamorous clothes in the world for some of the most prominent women in the world, including the Kennedys. I became Jackie's model during the Kennedy administration: much of Jackie’s wardrobe was made on me. I left NYC to attend the Sorbonne University in Paris for several years, returning to NYC to become Anne Klein's personal model and help her launch her designer sportswear line. Anne had an assistant who draped me with fabric and pinned my hems. Her name was Donna Karan.


I left modeling for a national sales position with a firm headquartered in Bangkok, where I enjoyed transforming the company from a “plain jane” dress company to a very profitable, high end designer sportswear company.

After a lengthy career in fashion, followed by another in real estate, I retired to N.C.  But soon tiring of retirement, my passion for fashion guided me to speak in a workshop series called “What to Wear & How to Wear it.” 

From my many years of experience in fashion, one of the most valuable lessons I learned was: a scarf is the most valuable item in a woman's wardrobe.  

A wardrobe in neutral shades of solid colors is not only the chicest and the most slenderizing of looks, it's the easiest way to dress, the easiest on other peoples' eyes, the easiest for travel, the easiest on our pocketbook, plus, solid neutrals are ever lasting.  You can wear the same outfit a hundred times, and no-one will be the wiser. (You wear a print once or twice, and everybody remembers it). Whether you're going out to play tennis, or bridge, or go to lunch, dinner, the theater, a party or travel, wear your solids and select a signature scarf that coordinates and correlates with your own coloring, making you appear younger and more attractive.  How you tie/wear your scarf sets the mood. And you are set to go. Having an array of signature scarves to wear with your neutral shades of solids is not only practical, it's posh and fashionable. The scarf adds panache, pizzazz, and a touch of class, and promotes your personal and professional image. 


Teaching women the right colors to wear for their particular coloring, the right clothes to wear for their particular figure, and how to tie scarves fashionably became the highlight of my talks.  I was coaxed into making a DVD on the many ways to tie and wear scarves for my audiences, then attempted to link my DVD to scarves on the web, but finding none that provided the correct colorings, I decided to stake out a path for making my own line of “correctly” colored silk scarves. That is how I discovered and fell in love with the art of marbling, and through the help of marbling friends, reading, and experimenting on my own, I learned one of the oldest forms of art.  It is an amazingly fun art! I felt I was finger painting!

The history of marbling found its beginnings in the  Orient, as early in the 12th century. 

Marbling is a process where a “bath” (imagine an elevated bathtub) of water is prepared by adding methyl cellulose, a substance much like a gell, which “floats” paints. I carefully select each color for that particular scarf, based on the many diverse colorings of peoples' skin tones, hair coloring, eyes and lips.  Next I drop the liquid acrylic paints in a loose design, forming rings much like Saturn’s rings. I then use rakes and combs to draw my designs. Each design is different, and each scarf has her unique colors. Next, the treated silk fabric is very carefully laid upon the “bath” to collect the newly patterned colors, then lifted, rinsed, and hung to dry. The scarf goes into a dryer to set the paints. After “resting” for several days, the scarf is laundered, pressed, and ready to wear. 

The five day process proved fun, but not profitable. I soon realized that the time and physical effort of hand producing one of a kind scarves was not feasible, especially in light of keeping the scarves affordable.

After marbling the scarves, I select the ones that turn out the best, photograph them, tweak the colors, add borders, logos, etc., and send them off to the printer. 

I enjoy more than anything helping women look and feel their best by showing them what colors they should wear, how to select the scarves best suited for their particular coloring, and how to tie and wear scarves.

Wearing a Suz Signature Scarf will change the way you feel and how others see you, improving your self-image, raising your self-esteem and enhancing and promoting your personal and professional image. 

Please feel free to call me at 828-808-1156 if you have any questions, general or specific.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Susan Stewart